Floor Below, Fan Above

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One of the big things we had to do before moving into this house was get the entire house rewired. It hadn’t been updated since the house had been constructed in the 1960s, and well. We’re a tech-heavy family, and need more than a plug a floor. It also meant that we were able to pick some new light fixtures, so we have two fans in the lounge (as it’s a long room), and one in two of the three bedrooms. Every now and again I think maybe we should have gotten one in the third bedroom, but never mind. It’s not like it’s off the table for the future, and we have non-ceiling fans if there’s a dire need in there. But man… I will always be grateful to the Deities of Moving Air for this boon above my head, hee hee.

Z spent today at home working on recovering. He’s still in bad nick, but some of the crud in his system is shifting. I applied myself to work-work, and grumbling at the childling for asking for things that weren’t currently doable (painting her nails, having playdates, etc). It would be one thing if she asked once, but she asks repeatedly, and I was less than impressed when she bothered her father about her nails. Sweetling, he needs to be out of the house so the fumes don’t cause him a lack of breathing, end of. *shakes head*

I guess that’s about it for now. Tomorrow… no idea what’s going on at current. We’ll take it as it comes.


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