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Serenity Is…

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Serenity is finally having my desk chipped back to something resembling tidy. The area is still sort of overgrown more than I like, but I’ll take Z’s suggestion and we can get another set of drawers to stack on the ones the wool are atop of in the corner. I’d declined it when he’d suggested it earlier, joking that it… Read more »


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Myself and the littlest have been having a rough time of it today. I think she’s cutting a molar, and me? I’ve just been dealing with dizziness and fogginess and am not really sure what the deal is. But then, what have I been complaining of for days? Yeeeh.. Still, I did one good thing for myself — I dragged… Read more »

She’s Having a Baby (No, Not Me :p)

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Not me, definitely not me. Two are more than enough, and we are very committed to having an abortion if one should get past the Mirena coil and eventual vasectomy. Even if I occasionally have tiny wistful moments thinking of babies, I remember being in too much pain to sit, walk or sleep combined with the weight that each pregnancy… Read more »

Yeah, I Don’t Even Know

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For those who have noted the spider willies with bemusement — I saw it on Facebook this morning and it gave me a chuckle. Well, and a reminder that it’s a constant legit fear of mine, ha ha. If I could stand to sleep with my face covered, I probably would to try and avoid spiders and their willies (or… Read more »

What is this Even

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Today, I have been down to the park for a picnic with my family. While there, I repeatedly jogged to and from the nearest Pokéstop, because we couldn’t see any place closer where we could have our picnic. We clocked where the other spot in the park was and will probably aim to picnic there in future, but for this… Read more »

She Might Be Pokémad

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  So, realtalk — exercise and I don’t get along. It robs me of my appetite, causes me to rapid cycle, and a raft of other things. Lighter things like walking or jogging tends to be a no no because oh hey, too boring. Fun things that are suddenly coached as exercise, such as roller derby, ruin the potential fun… Read more »

The Internet is Melting

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Melting, blurring, it’s all a mess of crap these days. Well, in all days — we’re just especially conceited here in the West because ‘now’ it’s personal. In the States, there continues to be folks trying to turn a gradient situation into black versus white (or black versus blue), as well as wondering whether Clinton or Trump is going to… Read more »

Holidaze: A Rant of Some Sort

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  Here in the UK, school is on what’s known as a year round schedule in the States. I was weirded out about year round schools when I was a kid, because I felt like people were getting robbed of a ‘proper’ long summer break. Now that I’ve lived in the UK for awhile and had a kid in the… Read more »