Holidaze: A Rant of Some Sort

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Here in the UK, school is on what’s known as a year round schedule in the States. I was weirded out about year round schools when I was a kid, because I felt like people were getting robbed of a ‘proper’ long summer break. Now that I’ve lived in the UK for awhile and had a kid in the system for a few years, the breaks and their frequency are sort of nice. Sort of. Right now is the two week Easter holiday (US: one week spring break), and once again, my freaking kids are sick. Both of them. Again.

Last time around, it was chicken pox. I sighed and chuckled, because hey, at least they hopefully have it done and over with for life (I had it twice, but that isn’t super-common). This year, the entire family seems to be cycling some sort of crap cold all around. Littlerbit, my youngest, spent yesterday sobbing hysterically because yanno, teething and chesty cough and all of that makes for a lot of not fun. The eldest is significantly more stoic this time around, which is probably why I’m vaguely surviving. Vaguely.

You see, I’ve had chronic fatigue for like, 20 years now. It’s weird to think that I’ve been putting up with this bullshit for so long, but it’s well known that as a disorder it’s not taken seriously (alongside other predominately female issues like endometriosis and fibromyalgia). My functionality on my best days is pretty bad; this past week or so I’ve been wondering if I should get a wheelchair.

I’m also a super introvert. I need lots of space to keep sane, and my husband is awesome at helping with that when he’s home to the detriment of himself. So add a very clingy upset toddler who hasn’t let me have a lot of space or time to myself for a day or two and well… seriously, how is everyone still alive.

But hey, I just have to make it another week, and three of those days will have other people around. So like, just have to survive until then. Somehow. I don’t begrudge my children their illness, or anything like that — I’m just a tired, stressed out cripple who needs to vent a bit. Better out than in, I always say. I just wish I had a little more to give besides hot air, but never mind.


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