Yeah, I Don’t Even Know

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IMG_20160813_101930683For those who have noted the spider willies with bemusement — I saw it on Facebook this morning and it gave me a chuckle. Well, and a reminder that it’s a constant legit fear of mine, ha ha. If I could stand to sleep with my face covered, I probably would to try and avoid spiders and their willies (or lack thereof).

It was a day of bemusement on the whole, though still a pleasant one. For example, Batman has decided he’s a lap cat again here and there. I guess he’s doing his best to prove the point that we aren’t permitted to leave him. Well that, and it’s almost autumn. He tends to be lap cuddlier in the late summer and early autumn, probably to make a point to rub sheddings on me or something. I love this cat, but he is a majestic bastard.

I had also managed to forget how exhausting bathing is. I decided that I’d have a little bath, and then maybe go camp at a Pokéstop for an hour or two. Instead, I had a bath, and didn’t move the rest of the day. It’s lovely to be clean and to have washed hair before it hit an alarming point (lulzspoonie). I might opt to, tomorrow, take Smallhausen out somewhere with me that has a Pokéstop to get a drink and a snack, maybe even the pub I go to for Stitch ‘n Bitch. She harps on and on about wanting to go to ‘crochet’, so that might scratch her itch. Plus yanno, mother/daughter bonding, blah blah blah.

IMG_20160812_215532But also in the Pokéaddiction arena, I’m grinding levels right now to take on the Final Four in Pokémon Yellow. I keep chuckling at myself because I *really* want to move on to HeartGold, but I absolutely cannot until I finish this properly through and have MewTwo in my grasp. Silly, isn’t it? But that’s what it’s like when the addiction is in full flow, and indeed, at this rate it might well be going wild into the new year, especially with Sun and Moon out in November. I’m way excited about that, not only because oh hey, new game new region, but the fact that some of the old classics have new forms! Ice forms! ICE! I admit that I say that most Pokémon are my favourite Pokémon, but Jynx was the first ice Pokémon I encountered, and I fell head over heels for the strange critter (and then about died from the cuteness of the baby form, Smoochum).

Anyhoos, I am going to go nurse a bottle of Lucozade, curse my headache, and continue grinding to be the very best, the best there ever was. Ta-ra until tomorrow!


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