I Never Said It Was a Good Idea

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The persistent headache was carrying on today, and by the time Z got home, I was ready to flee. So I did! I told him I was going to and why — headache pain + children = need for space. So what was my brilliant outing idea? Parking up on the other side of the village to test Z’s theory about the Pokéstops. He’s right — you can hit all five in a loop in almost perfect time to the first one being ready again. I kept going in circles for an hour or so, which probably made me look a little mad to people in the area, but whatever. I went from having 12 Pokéballs~ to more than 80, though that’s gone down a bit after catching things that have popped up on my street. I commented to Z that next time I want to do a restock like this, I should go to the next village over. There are two or three right on top of each other, accessible while having a drink in the pub. I *did* want to try and get some air and exercise, so today met that remit, but I probably overdid it. Oh well. What’s done is done.

Smalls commented earlier that she thinks that she needs glasses. We got to talking about how we’re due for eye exams anyways, and how that might be part of why I’ve been on such a shitty spree of headaches lately. I’d pointed out that I’ve been having eye problems since starting on the Depakote last year, so I expect that getting an updated prescription would do me a world of good. As to whether or not Smalls needs glasses, we’ll see, but we have no qualms with taking her in for an eye exam!

Right, I’m like, officially dead, so I’m off.


2 thoughts on “I Never Said It Was a Good Idea

  1. Doris

    I’m to the opticians on Monday as well. Very frustrated with close work at the moment, threading needles is a particular trial. I can’t do it at all under artificial light now. So commiserations on eyesight <3


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