My Day in as Many Words

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IMG_20160811_192755I… survived? Survived the day, somehow. The headache BS continues to persist, but at least the kiddos were pretty well behaved and not adding to my distress. Which is to say, nothing caught on fire, Littler got a nap, and I managed to get work-work done. Well, and more Pokémon, but that was a given. I further managed a bit of tidying up around my desk environs, which is good. It was a wreck before we went on vacation, and well.. it’s still a wreck, but it’s a tidier looking one now. *chuckles*

Levity aside, I am really annoyed right now. It seems that every single time I go to order one of my prescriptions in, someone has messed up my prescriptions, requiring me to keep making ‘special’ requests to get it sorted. Z might have the right of it — it might be best to book in with the doctor to get it fixed because it’s just ridiculous now. It’s starting to make me feel like I’m crazier than I actually am, especially when I have had at least one arbitrarily changed on a way out of date letter and then me feeling like I’m being a jerk for requesting it go back to what it was supposed to be. In the case of this particular med, the dose the letter had gave me even worse headaches than I’ve been dealing with, but for the non-stop frequency as well. Blech, thinking about trying to sort that out definitely doesn’t help the headache go away!

Unsurprisingly, this is the best I’m gonna get through the brainfog-mucus-whatever, so yanno, off I go and doot doot doot.


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