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It Burns!

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I’m pretty rubbish about getting out in natural light, so I couldn’t resist suggesting that my milky-white skin was gonna catch on fire from exposure. But I said I was going to get outside and get a picture of my hair colour in natural light, so voila. Bonus, you get to see the new glasses as well. I am quite… Read more »

Long, But Good

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It has been a very, veeeeery long day. The tl;dr is that I found frames that I like, and that at least one pair will be ready for me on Monday. So that’s a relief; I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get them in time for driving Wednesday of next week. And it turns out that my… Read more »

The Bastard

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Well, not me. No. Even if I look like a bit of a knob. No, the bastard is my non-sunglasses. I was gently pushing them up my nose, and they just gently fell apart. We’re a tiny bit overdue to get new glasses anyways, so that just means we finally booked in our eye tests. And in the interim, Z… Read more »

I Never Said It Was a Good Idea

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The persistent headache was carrying on today, and by the time Z got home, I was ready to flee. So I did! I told him I was going to and why — headache pain + children = need for space. So what was my brilliant outing idea? Parking up on the other side of the village to test Z’s theory… Read more »