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IMG_20160814_133938393 Smallhausen has pestered me off and on for some time to take her to ‘crochet’ with me. To her, that means going to the pub where I go to Stitch ‘n Bitch; she’s been there once for a daytime fundraising event, but otherwise, she’s not come out since our group moved pubs. So I thought about that today, and with Z’s blessing, took her out for some lunch. I was hoping I could also teach her the basics of crochet, but she wanted to instead curl up with her tablet and watch Minecraft videos. That’s fine — I wanted to go to the pub because there’s a Pokéstop, and I was playing Pokémon Yellow anyways. So it was mainly companionable silence with a little chatter, which was grand. Honestly, I’m just glad that I was feeling well enough to think ‘Oh hey, I want to leave the house and do a thing’, and that I actually left the house and did the thing. Smallhausen is trying to insist that I was going to take her and Littler out tomorrow, but as Z rightfully pointed out — he’s got the car because he’s going to work. And as much as I love my girls, I’m not going to risk all of our lives taking Z to work and back just to have the car. I am not a morning person, and that is meant in a sincere and dangerous sort of way.


Vans Atwood Canvas Shoes

I have needed a new pair of sneakers for ages. Because half sizes aren’t as much a thing here, I tend to end up in shoes a bit too small, and I have a huge big toe at the best of times. So my current sneakers, bless their ripped little souls (toe holes, whatever), are in dire need of replacing. I pawed through Amazon for ages last night, as well as the actual sites of several shoe brands to no avail. I still spend an unreasonable amount of time cursing at Skechers for bailing on being skate shoes and instead catering to EVERYONE but; pretty much all my shoes were Skechers for a good stretch of the late 90s and early 2000s.

Anyways, on a whim I decided to look on Sports Direct. Imagine my surprise when I found near-perfect shoes in like, a minute flat — and in the sale, too! I checked with Z as I try to do for most purchases, and they’re due to be here Wednesday. Really though, why is it so hard to find not-ugly sneakers these days. I used to love shoe shopping because there was all sorts of great things to pick, but now everything is just ghastly and/or physically harmful in the guise of ‘health’. But anyways, doot doot doot.

It’s odd to think that we’re already a week back from vacation. I’d commented to Z that it felt even longer; I’m aware that it felt even longer-longer for him, the poor dear. I’m trying to take the little bit of get up and go that I have to try and ease his mind and give him a bit of space, like with getting the big one out of the house while the little one had a nap. Tomorrow I’m pencilling myself in to take them around to visit his parents for a bit; if they burn off some energy chasing Grandad around tomorrow during the day, then hopefully they will be a bit more peaceful in the afternoon/evening. Or there is every chance that my largesse towards Smallhausen is going to blow up in my face; she tried to get me to top taking her out for a not-cheap meal with going to a play centre. Hahaha kid, not after I just shoved you full of roast dinner.

But still, it doesn’t’ change that I’m a spoonie. I’ve managed, somehow, to develop a tiny bit of endurance, enough to get out and about once in awhile. In that, I have to accept that my desire to take the girls out tomorrow might backfire in the face of having done a thing today. I’m not that upset about that — it is what is. It’s why I didn’t manage anything past a bath yesterday, but managed to do that today.

Eh, worst comes to worst, I’ll load the kids up in the car after Z gets back from work and let them rampage around Tesco. That’s an outing, right? xD


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