I had forgotten what happens when I cross Batman, the world’s neediest cat, with my lap. I get him putting alllll his weight on his pointy little feet and digging deep into my chubmeats. I just scared him off with a pained hiss because, for some reason, he though getting a claw tangled in my leggings was a great idea. Thanks, douchecat.  ¬¬ At least he hasn’t taken to bruising my arms again by shoving his face full force into them, though having said that, I bet he gives me a dose of that next time he shows up on my chair.

A year ago, I had a Mirena coil installed. Inserted. Whatever. While I wasn’t too concerned about the birth control aspect of it, I WAS hoping it would stop my periods. That hasn’t happened as of yet, but I guess it’s sloooowly lightening up. No, what I was hoping would be a cessation of the chronic fatigue that has plagued me for 20 years now. While that isn’t gone, I feel like it’s lessened lately. After all, Pokémon Go can only get so much credit — it might have gotten me out of my chair, but it didn’t magically make energy materialise. I still can’t do super-much in the scheme of things, but as y’all have probably noticed, I am managing to get out some and do a few of the things, and that is awesome.

IMG_20160815_141648934Another reason that it’s important to me to be able to do some of the things is because of the girls. It’s the summer holidays here, and last summer we barely left the house. We didn’t have a trip either, so I couldn’t even use that as an ‘excuse’ for hanging out around the house. Mind, I don’t know how the rest of the summer is going to go, but at least I managed to get kids out two days in a row. I’ve made it clear that it’s not likely that we’ll do anything tomorrow — I need to work-work, and we’re expecting a package (more on that in a minute). Ditto again that for Wednesday, but Thursday or Friday might be a riparian picnic if the heat is a bit less severe. We’ll see!

IMG_20160815_141627674_HDRToday’s outing was to go visit my in-laws. It took me ages to get past my headache enough to feel vaguely human, and then a bit more self-revving to get all of us loaded up and out the door. I spent most of the walk there grumbling and growling about having to spend spoons I didn’t have retrieving them from upstairs to get them going, but never mind. It’s not like it’s a long walk. And when I got there, I was reminded that, whups, this is the week that they are having their back windows redone. I expected we’d be in and out quickly on that basis, but we ended up hanging out a couple of hours. Bonus: the builder (a friend and neighbour) had his daughter with him. She’s 12, and in the nine years that I’ve lived here, today was the first time we had a legit and proper conversation. She then happily spearheaded playing with the girls for a bit, leaving me free to roam around chatting to the other adults. All in all, it was a nice time.


So then, I mentioned that something is coming in the post tomorrow. You see, Littlerbit still doesn’t sleep on her own. Where we meant to co-sleep with Smallhausen and not with Littler, it ended up being the other way around in both cases. While my sleep has been relatively unimpeded due to how important it is for maintenance of bipolar disorder, my poor Z has been having crap sleep for years now. I’d heard good things about the Lulla doll from friends on Facebook, it’s currently so much the thing that you can’t get one for a couple of months at best. The lack of reviews on Amazon and the mixed nature of them means that we’ve ordered a sheep instead. We like sheep here. Fingers crossed it does some good. As it were, tonight we’re dishing up more trauma in the form of ‘please go to bed with your sister kthnx’. It probably won’t stick, but we have to keep trying here and there.

((If anyone feels a kneejerk response to come and offer ‘helpful’ advice, please fuck off. It’s not wanted. Thanks! <3))

((Yes, that degree of vitriol is absolutely mandatory. There is nothing ruder than someone offering unsolicited advice and I HATE having to waste my energy being polite about it))


Right then, I have talked too much again, so I shall wrap this off and return to my Pokémons.


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