The Internet is Melting

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Melting, blurring, it’s all a mess of crap these days. Well, in all days — we’re just especially conceited here in the West because ‘now’ it’s personal. In the States, there continues to be folks trying to turn a gradient situation into black versus white (or black versus blue), as well as wondering whether Clinton or Trump is going to explode the world. I won’t lie — I am very happy to live in another country, one where the political cycle is usually at worst a month of campaigning (instead of like, 2-3 years).

Having said that, what the ever-flying fuck is going on here in the UK, government-wise. Porker Cameron did an awesome checkmate by stepping down when Brexit hit rather than triggering Article 50, but really — his replacement campaign was a parade of the worst and the worst, with Thatcher Junior winning the ‘crown’. Like, her closest runner up was this woman Andrea Leadsom; she was so vile as to make Theresa May seem palatable. Mrs. May takes over tomorrow and I just like… I don’t even know what to expect. She has been a pretty vile politician so far, with my personal favourite being her making me a second-class citizen by feeling that she can take my citizenship away if she felt I was a terrorist. Obvs, I’m not and have no intention to be, but as I wasn’t born here, I’m lesser. So not on.

Then we have the Labour Party attempting to vie for the title of the Nasty Party by imploding in on itself. For some reason, the parliamentary Labour party thinks the right thing to do is to oust their democratically elected leader, Jeremy Corbyn, a leader who was picked by the people rather than the MPs. A leader whose continued leadership has caused a massive membership surge in the party — because we the people want him there doing the job. And yet, they are as of this moment having a secret ballot to decide if he can even be in the leadership race that people have apparently decided needed to happen. I just. Whut. Whut.  We’re about to get a Prime Minister that we didn’t get a say on, and where we should have an organised shadow government… this. Really, we direly need to get our General Election on as soon as fucking possible, but I suspect that the Tories will waffle on that as much as possible (and the Labour party will dive back to the right wing Blairite bullshit as fast as possible to be ‘competitive’. Ugh).


Gotta Catch ‘Em All


My Pokemans, Let Me Show You Them 😀

Pokémon Go is making headlines all over the world as it surpasses apps like Tindr and WhatsApp in popularity. I saw somewhere that it’s even surpassed pornography, which is freaking hilarious. Now, I’ve been a PokéAddict for 18 years now, since the first game came out in the States in 1998. I have a Shiny Charm and all the Pokémon bar a small handful of Mythical Pokémon (most of which I’m getting this year compliments of the 20th anniversary celebrations). So yeah, Pokémon AR game? I’m sorry, gonna be diving in headfirst. I even, hang head, made my first micro-transaction ever to get more Pokéballs. I’m a teensy bit sheepish, but at least I shouldn’t run out… for a few days. Hopefully more than a few days. My husband would probably divorce me if I didn’t keep myself in line. *chuckles*


Let’s All Talk About Me!

Which is to say, a few minutes of me grumbling. Pokémons managed to get me out of the house briefly, which was yay for my crippled arse. With my charming handful of chronic illnesses, I don’t get out as much as I ‘should’. I can’t really blame myself, ’cause brain fog is miserable and hard to work through, and while it’s a bit better since getting medication for hay fever years ago, it’s still rough. I think it’s probably bad right now because it’s a wet summer, and I’m living in the middle of lots of fields. Mind, I tend to get a lot done… as long as I don’t have to leave my chair. But yeah like, today has been brain fog, and headache, and less back pain than yesterday, but enough that made me strongly debate taking codeine. I try to not take ‘too much’ pain medication so it doesn’t lose its efficacy due to developing a tolerance, but sometimes the pain is… well. Painful. Brutally so. I know that some of it is age, but some of it has been around since I was like, 14, soo….

Anyways, that’s more words than I intended to slam people with, so I’ll feck off now.


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