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img_20160923_202434300_hdrSerenity is finally having my desk chipped back to something resembling tidy. The area is still sort of overgrown more than I like, but I’ll take Z’s suggestion and we can get another set of drawers to stack on the ones the wool are atop of in the corner. I’d declined it when he’d suggested it earlier, joking that it would encourage me to purchase more woo. Well, I have the more wool and no real proper place to store it, so. It would also help me clear space by potentially giving me a place to put that huge orange binder of patterns as well. Organisation — get some!

Tucked up tidy <3

Tucked up tidy <3

But yeah, inviting people around to visit is great inspiration for trying to get some cleaning done, ha ha. We’re always going to look cluttered because oh hey, kids and aging and stuff. *chuckles* We have some plans for better reorganisation of a couple of things, but we’re not at a point where we can mentally or physically deal with it. It will be great when we do because it’ll free up some space down here.

Still, other things are making the house feel a bit more spacious. We officially have taken down all the baby gates! Okay, one ended up across Smallhausen’s door because Littler apparently just likes opening that door from either side. But yeah, it’s nice to not have to deal with them, and makes it easier to get a vacuum around.

Ugh, brain doesn’t have anything going, so I’m going.


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