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I have made some minor progress on getting earrings listed and organised. Which is to say, the easy ones are mainly done. The main problem now is trying to figure out how I am going to do the listings. With the shell bead ones, there are three different styles, and lots of different potential colours, so it’s trying to figure out how to best list it to avoid confusion, and avoid making excessive listings. I’ll figure it out as I go along.

Today was productive on the whole. I got work-work done. I got myself up to peopling ‘passing normal’ standards. And, and — I even made myself leave the house and potter around the village. Part of it was for reasons of Pokémon, part of it was for popping something in the post, and the bonus round was meeting Z at school to pick up the girls. It was a grand total of 1.24km, which isn’t a lot to most people, but it’s a lot to my crippled ass. Z picked up on the fact that I’m trying to build up a little bit of stamina in advance of our family vacation… we’ll see how it goes.

For now, it’s the usual herding the children to bed, and then going back to thinking about earrings.


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