And Finally, the Moon

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img_20161125_114056227Why yes, my picture here is different from my featured image I’m tricking you, hee hee. But then, I myself was tricked by Z. He’d apparently ordered both of them for me and was being sneaky about it. His logic? He wanted to make sure that I had both of them before the Genesect codes expired. This is one of those benefits of being married to another gamer — they know what’s truly, really important. *giggles*

img_20161125_203019577But I have been a good gamer. I waited until after work hours, and until I’d gotten the snoods finished. I’ve got the label sewn into the first one, and am slowly doing the second one.

img_20161125_091832841We also welcomed the newest member of our household — this lovely couch. So now we have two couches, which is ample space for many butts. My mother-in-law came to christen it properly, and agreed that it was comfortable and easy to get off of. Win. I couldn’t help but shout out a ‘Merry Christmas!’, since this was our present from my in-laws, but also sort of our present to them in making sure they had a good place to sit. tl;dr everyone is happy it’s here.

Anyways, I am going to get back to Pokémon, and trying to make myself sew that second label in so it’s properly done!


2 thoughts on “And Finally, the Moon

    1. Raeyn Post author

      Very many happy butts! I will have to start Sun as well and get my friend codes out there for people who might not have them.


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