It’s Probably Dead Now

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img_20161129_195742057I spotted this little fellow on my shoe a few minutes ago. I figured I’d politely take it outside. That didn’t go well and I panicked and flung it and heard a thwap. Then Z pointed out that even if didn’t accidentally murder it with my eepful flinging that the cold probably would. Oh well. Rest in peace little bug chance found on my shoe, long days after said shoe had been outside.

We have a health visitor dropping in Thursday to make sure that everything is okay in the wake of the whole anonymous tip-off about us to the council. So Z is cleaning quite thoroughly, and I’m trying to be of some vague help. He did lots of vacuuming this evening, and trying to pick up things, which of course, Littlerbit felt needed to go back on the floor. So it goes with kiddos, neh? I’m sure that Thursday is going to go fine, but I can understand being a bit panicky. I know I’m doing my best to keep calm and busy. At least tomorrow should work well on the busy front — I’ve got childcare and work, and social outing, and so on.

For now though, back to Pokémon, and a bit of knitting.


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