Find the Stealthbutt

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Today’s stealthbutt was once again generated to annoy Smalls. She told me off today for being cheeky, and I quote, ‘I’m trying to make you a proper person!’. I love this kid, y’all. *laughs* I appreciate her attempting to use her own reasoning to figure out right, wrong, and cheeky, and I don’t hold it against her that she applies the metric to me. I feel she understands that as an adult, she has no real power over whether or not I can talk to my friends, but that it makes her feel like she’s getting her head around what is appropriate. I’m gonna nurture that… and continue doing things that get me theoretically grounded. *giggles*

Past that, it’s been cheerfully mundane. Did the work, did the bath, did the assorted gaming. Is a good day.


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