Paper Cheer

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As today was the girls’ first day off of school, I taught them how to do paper chains. I also incidentally finally got Smalls to get her head around how to use the tape dispenser, so that was a lovely bonus. *chuckles* But yeah, I ended up spending most of my morning either dispensing tape, or teaching childings how to… Read more »

It’s a Miracle!

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Oh okay, that’s exaggerating. Slightly. But it’s pretty freaking awesome when one reaches into the centre of their skein of wool, and manages to get the inside end on the first go and on its own, rather than part of a clump. It certainly made winding it into a cake an easier task; now what remains is doing gauge squares… Read more »


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I got stuck into doing most of the present wrapping today. Yes, it’s totally a small pile, and Z and I kind of independently came to the conclusion that less is more. There are digital gifts that aren’t there in the pile, so they’re still getting a decent value of presents. Instead, it’ll be things that we know that they… Read more »

Woven In

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I’ve already used this picture somewhere today, but sod it. It’s Sunday, and I don’t have to be as on the ball. *laughs* Plus, people here probably want to see the completed product, and voila — here they are, looking awesome. I am going to save them for the Christmas party at Thursday knitting to debut them, so they’re just… Read more »

Before the Storm

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I had a parcel to drop off at the Post Office today, and as usual when that occurs, I look for photo fodder. This abandoned glove amused me, as it was brutally cold with promised wet on the way. And while I didn’t see any of the snow that *might* have considered happening, it’s rained all day… this glove is… Read more »


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Lookit, I made light explode! Okay, not really, but I was mused me scrambling to pose for a ticking camera ended up with this as the result… I  amuse easily, ha ha. But it’s a good face and a good pose, ’cause today was a productive day, and this looks sort of celebratory. I got work completely caught up. It’s… Read more »

From Smalls with Giggles

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When I came down this morning, Smalls dashed ahead of me and started pointing at my desk. ‘Look Mommy, somebody drew a butt there!’ I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her I loved her, smiling because it’s excellent to start the day with a highly amused childling. Obviously, she’d done it, and she ‘fessed up’ as… Read more »

All Bright and Shiny

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Yes, that’s me, out of doors, in natural light… the horror, right? *giggles* I had two orders overnight/this morning, so after fussing after them for ages, I took them to the Post Office. I also needed to pick up a loaf of bread, so multi-tasking! We had a Tesco order in this evening, but Z was having lunch at home… Read more »

Howdy Derr

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Yup, it’s mah face again. xD A pretty face for a blank mind, but I am never going to complain about my brain being quiet. A quiet brain is one that isn’t actively trying to kill me, and that’s a Good Thing™®. It’s been surprisingly chilly all day. I mean, I know that it’s approximately winter, but it’s ‘supposed’ to… Read more »