It’s Golden

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The new polishes arrive bright and early yesterday morning, which meant that I could take them for a test run. Here’s a picture with a bit of the gold, which is growing on me. At first it seemed some weird combination of matte and shimmer, but the more I look at it, the less matte it seems. But also, that’s… Read more »


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I’ve topped off a satisfactory day ‘at the office’ with a lovely bath. And it’s warm enough (20C/69F) that my hair is drying out in record time. Yeah yeah, I know that temp shouldn’t count as warm with the whole having come from Texas thing, but it runs warm here. *chuckles* Whatever the case, my head feels nice and fresh,… Read more »


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I had £8 precisely in discretionary spending to spend — so of course, I was obligated to spend it on the nail polish offer that was that exact price. I don’t think that I own anything in gold, so this is gonna be sweet. There was one problem though — my Paypal account was acting up. I was getting a… Read more »

More or Less

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My face looks tired; this is more or less what makes sense after being up so late last night. Eurovision was a good time, and I didn’t have any particular problems getting to sleep after. I’m definitely dragging today, but as I’m not in actual physical pain from exhaustion, I am calling it a victory. I’m glad that I’ve got… Read more »

She Wasn’t Impressed

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Poison was curled up in a ball nestled into a pillow left on the couch. Since she was just on the edge of the blanket, I figured I’d annoy her by tucking her in. She gave me weird looks and meowed half-complaints for two minutes, and then removed herself from the silliness. Honestly, I was impressed she tolerated it for… Read more »


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Washing my hair is a chore… except it’s not. Except every time I go to bathe, my brain pre-whines that it’s too much of a task, so it doesn’t always get done. It’s totally worth it when it does though, because it’s soft and lovely and I keep touching it. I definitely have some yay and nay textures, and yeah…… Read more »