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This has been a weirdly chilly August. Like, I don’t think that we’ve had the a/c on since late June/early July. Not that I’m complaining — I’m happier when I’m chillier. But it does make me worry about the world at large, weather patterns, etc.

Had a really good time visiting Mum this afternoon. We’ve really grown our mother/daughter vibe in recent months, and it means loads to both of us. I get to be the confidante she’s never really properly had, and I am delight. We have a lot of… if not the same experiences, similar enough ones that we can relate to and validate each other. I’m grateful every day that she’s a part of my life, and that her unconditional love for me from day one has helped me grow as a person.

Oh, and I’m almost done with the first sock, ha ha. Gonna go buckle down and get that cast the rest of the way off.


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