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Pokémon Go, to my amusement, continues to attract my attention a couple of minutes each day. There’s been a lot of in-game events lately, so I’ve been poking a bit more — also in part so I can hopefully, finally reach level 38 and nominate a Pokéstop within radius of my house, ha ha. I was bonding with my ghostly buddy here, and managed to get Batman in the shot as well. It amused me, so here you go.

First day back was okay! I didn’t push too hard, got a few bits done, can’t complain. Bonus: all the nails. I did mine, and in the middle of that, Littler asked if I could do hers. Why not. Then Smalls decided they wanted some too, so yeah. Full party.

Past that, usual gaming, knitting, reading at night. I’m currently reading the Path to Ascendency trilogy by Ian C. Esslemont (co-author of the collective Malazan books). The first one was a bit meh… the second one has me all sorts of jazzed to see more and more of the big nail characters from the main line series showing up. There were a smattering in the first one, but still. I bet that it will be one I like better on the second go.



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