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I’m quite pleased with how my little pineapple is growing. I ended up filling in the pattern gaps with a dark yellow, which I think looks pretty spot on. And as you can probably see, I’ve got the word patterned out loosely on the edge of the grid. It’s not going to go there on the actual cross-stitch, but yanno, reference.

I had a sale today! Things have slowed up a lot lately — I guess ’cause people can go shopping in meatspace now. This was a custom request, and it took a few back and forths to get it sorted, but it’s going in the post as I type this (Z is taking it to the postbox by Mum’s house after dropping her off after dinner here). So I feel good about that. Makes me want to fiddle around with some concepts in the back of my head… but yanno, let’s finish the things I’m currently doing first, ha ha.


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