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I can’t start on the next fruit yet, ’cause I apparently have zero 14-count Aida cloth. There should be some in tomorrow, so that’ll be neat. I’ve already done a rough patterning to work off of, and picked through my thread box for colours. I’m annoyed at how much buying ‘proper’ dmc thread costs; this was a discount bumper pack I bought more than a decade ago. So I don’t know, will probably go cheap again when I need a replenish.

But yeah, I’ve ended up buying lots of cross-stitch tat the past week. I’ve got some more embroidery/tapestry needles. I’ve got the cloth coming in. I’ve ordered a few square frames to see if I prefer them over hoops. Watch I get bored and put all my stuff aside for another year or something, but when I’m on, I’m on. 🙂

For now, knitting, gaming, etc.


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