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We are home, and with no puke-based incidents! The littlest slept most of the way between ferry and home, so we managed to put off feeding her until we were safely back on terra firma. I think she was understanding of this, as she tried to sate herself with squash rather than demanding food.

But yeah, we made it in awesome time with only one stop to use the toilet. My in-laws were surprised that we were so swift. I guess that maybe they figured that kids mean that we were going to stop more? Since they both have tablets to use, it was pretty easy to keep them happy by letting them watch their favourite shows en route. That didn’t stop the big one from complaining a bit that she was bored, but yanno, she’s six. That happens. She’s pretty much a champ for the most part. It’s important to recognise that kids are kids and yanno, aren’t like, capable of ‘behaving’ to the standard that our generation had beaten into us (some literally, some figuratively).

As for the rest of today, I am doing nothing. We popped by my in-law’s house to get some things that they’d taken in their car for us, but I’d made it clear that I wasn’t up to unpacking tonight. Z agrees ’cause he’s awesome and we agree on most things. I will probably try to combine tomorrow’s unpacking with picking through my old clothing and pulling out things that don’t fit anymore. I suspect that’s going to be a looooot of things because hey, not a fan of sorting through clothing, but anyways. It needs to be done. Hopefully I can take it on.

Anyways, off to slacking until bedtime, glorious back in my own bed with the fan on bedtime.


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