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The Best View

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It’s the weekend, so we’re doing what we do best — sitting on our butts playing video games. Smalls and Littler got their┬áDiablo on with Z earlier, and then played a few games with him on his VR headset. It’s pretty cool, the headset; it’s set up so that people not wearing the VR helmet can play as well. I’m… Read more »

Much Better

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Today, I did the chore I wanted to get done the most — I got under the dining table cleared out, and was able to return the chair to the dining room. I took the (very) modest momentum I managed to build up to get rubbish picked up, and the vacuumed whizzed around my rug. There is always more that… Read more »

Something Different

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Z had spotted a jar of black bean sauce and decided to try and make us a nice stir-fry with it. It was alright, I guess. Which is to say, I inhaled it while trying to decide if I liked it or not. If he made it again, I would eat it. Is it better than a takeaway? Probably not,… Read more »

A Vast Improvement

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My new shelving unit came in just as Z did, so he helped me cobble it together. It was sort of amazing how quickly getting stuff off of my desk and stowed went once I had the space to do so. There’s probably a bit more shifting around of stuff that I can do, but this will more than do… Read more »

Lulz, Weather

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One thing that the UK and Texas have in common is an obsession with the weather. Why? Because the weather is a very random thing, compliments of various geographical features. So I didn’t expect the super storm that blew through last night, and blew an upset Smallhausen into our bed. And I didn’t expect the hail-snow mix that fell this… Read more »


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Tonight’s picture is just the bread knife that lives on the kitchen table, complete with a few crumbs. Z likes to order baguettes for his lunch, so it sees a fair amount of use. Speaking of Z, my current gaming jag is compliments of him in the form of┬áHoly Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! I have to say that it is… Read more »

Overdue Reorganisation

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Today, I managed to get body and brain working together enough to finally do my next step in getting the glass-fronted cupboard reorganised. My new, yet-to-be-read books are on the top shelf, as I’ve been doing for a couple of years now. I got all the books that had been clogging up my side table (two stacks about two feet… Read more »

Shiny Tat

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I had a sudden hankering to dust and reorganise my tat shelf. I’ve tried to shift the things in the other room behind it to better support the overhanging bits (lunchbox and wool box), so we’ll see how it goes. For now, yay for having done a minor chore? I continue to slowly heal up from being sick. Today is… Read more »


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The next point that I have to think about doing anything on this jumper is at 3 and 3/4 inches — 3.75, if you will. It’s currently at just about 3 inches; I should probably try to estimate how many rows more I need to go. I also need to remember that when I do the increase that the pattern… Read more »

Too Many Unicorns

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Today, my companion Smalls complained that I have too many unicorns, and that I was greedy. Let’s see — I made one unicorn, the red thing is a mooshroom, Fluffy was a Christmas gift, and kittencorn is only half a unicorn (and the only one I bought anyways). I was amused though — I do love my plush goodness. And… Read more »