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One thing that the UK and Texas have in common is an obsession with the weather. Why? Because the weather is a very random thing, compliments of various geographical features. So I didn’t expect the super storm that blew through last night, and blew an upset Smallhausen into our bed. And I didn’t expect the hail-snow mix that fell this afternoon. It’s already mainly melted, which is good; one doesn’t want the ice to get gnarly overnight. I might be home with the kids, but Z still has to go to into the office.

I was grumbling on Facebook this morning about my still-in-progress cold, when a friend suggested that it might have become a sinus infection instead. I checked a list of symptoms, and Karstar is probably pretty on the nose about what it is. I also checked what the NHS suggested for home treatment, and I was already doing most of it. The only thing I could have added was a nasal spray… of which I have a prescription one that I don’t need most of the time. 😀

I also have found a solution for my desk clutter problem, I think. It occurred to me that I could probably find some sort of suction cup shelf to attach to the side of my drawers. It didn’t have to hold a bunch of weight, but rather, be of a size that I could put my bigger stuffed animals on. After looking around on Amazon, I found this. It’s supposed to come tomorrow, and I’m unreservedly excited about getting to fiddle around with stuff to try and make the desk a little less cluttered. I hope to have a picture of this for y’all tomorrow… we’ll see.

For now, off to  digest a lovely dinner, and try to get my head around knitting a few more rows. 🙂


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