Out With the Old…

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Today, we finally got a chore done that should have gotten done a looong time ago — we got rid of the chairs that came with the house that we kept as a joke. Z and I got them taken outside and loaded up, and he took them to the tip. He also took Smalls with him, and they picked up a victory McDinner to celebrate that, and the end of the term.

Yes, the school year is finally over for the year. I can’t say I am relishing having the kiddos at home, but it’ll probably mainly be nice. They’re good kids, and I’m just more annoyed that it’s so hard for me to do things, and that little extra chores like making lunches is really really spoon-sapping. Hopefully I can get Smalls to help me out a fair bit, but it’s not like it’s her job to cover for me either.

Still, with it being summer, I am aware that there should be lots of opportunities and events to potentially do live sales at . I got up the nerve to ask in a local group and got pointed towards some useful resources. Now the question is whether or not I see about doing something next weekend. I’m going to think about it, especially since between now and the next event I need to acquire a card reader. I am pretty sure I am going to get the Square reader, but I probably should try to see what else there is besides that and the Paypal one. I am *definitely* not getting the Paypal one; the amount they take is much higher.

Right, I’mma wrap this up, and go back to waiting to see if the promised rain/thunderstorms are ever gonna show up.



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