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I feel like all I have done today is take and edit photos (this one not one of them, obviously). I’m happy with the results, except for figuring out how to do them better, which means I’m now aware ones I’ve done as recently as yesterday could stand to be redone. Sigh! *laughs* I guess I can’t complain in the end, even if it’s going to end up getting more work out of me.

Ah well, at least I got out of the house earlier. Z proposed that we go to Tesco to get some milk and to wander around a bit, so that was nice. We picked up some fresh pizzas for dinner, and we’re gonna try some likely dubious ‘Tex-Mex’ that was on sale. I’m glad that there is an increase of that sort of thing available, and a lot of it actually good when it comes to restaurants. Grocery store… well, definitely hit or miss, and sometimes including sweetcorn (which is dubious AF, ha ha).

We didn’t get any rain yesterday or overnight as far as I could see, alas. The forecasters were fairly insistent we’d get some last weekend as well, so yanno, a bit of super-sad that we’re still running dry. Now the forecasters are claiming it’ll be next weekend… sigh. Like, we need some bad. I don’t think I’ve seen grass this brown since moving here. We’re not the watering the grass sort of people, so hopefully Mother Nature will come take care of us.

Right, I should try to round up childlings and get them ready for bed.



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