Pieces of Flair

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(With special thanks to my friend Lori for accidentally gifting me tonight’s title)

When I went to bed last night, I was coughing my head up. When I woke up, my head had returned, but only as a vessel for snot. I’ve mainly felt better though. I’ve not been as dizzy, nor have I felt quite as foggy. Having said that, my back was in agony, so that tends to distract from other bodily woes.

The main thing is that I think I will be good to go a-visiting tomorrow. Tomorrow is R’s birthday, and we’re going out there to celebrate/hang out. I’m good enough to sit mainly still and chat — it’s the ride there and back that had me more worried. But it’ll probably be fine, and we’ve done ourselves the favour of having Z’s parents take the girls for the day. It will be nice to have them out underfoot. We love them to bits, but yanno, good for sanity to have the occasional bit of time free.

Right, for now… seeing if I unfunked my knitting yesterday. I want to make sure I have it right before we go tomorrow, so.


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