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On reflection, I probably should have stayed in last night. Yes, I had fun, and I made progress on a blanket square, but I woke up this morning with a bit of a sore throat. That’s still there (though improved by repeated moistenings), and my head has just floated off to Fluffland. I think that my plan for tonight is to go to bed a bit early and try to get some extra sleep. I think I’ll opt to do the same again tomorrow, but we’ll take that as it comes. But yeah, definitely doing this hella early so that I have that leeway once the girls are in bed!

Work was… eh. I kept zoning out because of the cold, and finally ended up throwing in the towel because the server was down (du du du du).It’s close enough to  time that it’s not really a big deal one way or another, I reckon. And hopefully tomorrow will be even more productive, though I expect that’s going to be highly contingent on how well I am feeling when I wake up//after caffeine//???.

For now, I am going to fish out my knitting and see if I can figure out where I lost count of things on the jumper last night.


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