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Yesterday was a delightfully productive day, knitting wise. I finished off the last couple rows on the red section, and did a few rows on the blue. Considering each row is 370~ stitches, that’s a lot of work around. And I’ve managed to get a few more rows done today, which has been well pleasing. I got all my chores bar this done before noon, so even though I’ve been dawdling in games, I’ve still made some progress. It’s a nice feeling.

Today I, apparently, blasted through the entirety of Hospital Manager. Much like its predecessor Theme Hospital, there’s a lack of freeplay. I mean, it was fun to play through, but freeeeplaaaaay. None of the hospital sims seem to have that going for them, to my dismay. Which means now I’ve got to find something else to play when I thought I had that in front of me. *hrmph*

Right, I guess I should find something else to play.



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