Nice While It Lasted

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When I came down this morning, Z mentioned there had been two or three flakes of snow, but nothing interesting. I shrugged — the weather had randomly forecast heavy snow yesterday that hadn’t shown up, so I didn’t expect anything today. So I was well surprised when it started snow. I was surprised when it started to stick. It probably went for 2 hours before it switched to rain, which is what’s happening right now. I doubt we’ll make it to tonight with anything on the ground, and it’s probably better than we don’t. I don’t want it to get icy and bad to drive on, seeing how Z has work tomorrow.

But yeah, it’s been nice to sit and watch it come down, especially since I didn’t have to go out into it. Z has taken Smalls to a birthday party for one of her classmates. I thought about going, but I’m glad that I didn’t. I feel okay, but I think that if I had, I would have worn myself out too much. I’ve got the start of a cold, or a really light cold or something, and of course, that’s overlaid over my usual feeling like total crap by default.

I think I’ve just about hit my Diablo III fix for the time being. I don’t know  100%, but I think now that my desktop is pimped out, I might well dunk my head in some other games. Maybe I can find that bit of spark for Dragon Age, or Skyrim. Or maybe I’ll just play original Civilization to the exclusion of all else, ha ha. As long as I get some knitting done too. I’m almost done with the fourth ball of wool, so that’s exciting.


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