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My new phone arrived today! It’s amazing what a difference a couple of years can make in the world of technology. I was happy with my old one (A Moto G2) until about a month ago, when it started to go obnoxiously slow. And I was getting really effin’ bored at having to delete half the contents of the phone to update the things. Instead, it took a few minutes for the phone to set itself up based on the old one, and the biggest pain in the arse was figuring out where the clock widget was so I could have the ‘right ‘one.

I continue to be bemused that I have nice, shiny new graphics, and no idea what to play. I am glad I decided to take a few days off from Diablo III; I was grinding hard enough that some degree of burnout was occurring. I’ve poked at a couple of things, but nothing quite catches my eye. I’m doing my default holding pattern of putting on Sims 3 and leaving it on pause… for now.

Maybe I’ll get the hankering to try something else, but I doubt it. I started getting dizzy last night, which has persisted into today. I guess it’s the next phase of the cold that has been creeping up on me with the slowness. It’s got that aspect where you eat something and it *should* make you feel better, but in actuality it manages to make you feel worse somehow. It’s not been a fun day, ngl. It’s all staying down, but shaky, dizzy… let’s just hope this all clears before this weekend, ’cause I sure don’t want to miss visiting R & C.

I guess that’s about it for now. I’m gonna go cuddle my little lap invader, who is currently checking her dragons in Flight Rising via sitting on me and poking at the other computer.


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