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Smalls has always been a bit reserved, and that includes how she’s related to our cats. She tried to pet them when she was very little, but it was less pet and more LET ME JUMP AT YOU, which yanno… cats don’t like. So they’ve not had a lot to do with her and vice versa. I managed to cajole her into giving Poison some cuddles, which both parties thoroughly enjoyed. So that was lovely to see.

Today has mainly been waffling on whether or not I wanted to remain upright. Upright won out, but with a minimum of movement. There’s not been as much of the spinning, but still some, and my ears continue to roar. I know it will pass when it passes, but that doesn’t change the fact that I would like for it to be done and over with already.

I should probably think about trying to get some more knitting done. I made some decent progress last night; I’ve finished the first section of armhole shaping and have moved on to the second. It requires a tiny bit more thinking because the rows are decreasing by one stitch instead of two, but that’s why I’ve got it mathed out on a bit of paper — to make sure I am less likely to mess it up.



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