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The weather was cooler today, which was lovely. I had a trip to the post office in mind already, so I made it a slightly longer one so I could hit up the Gym down the road. While out, it finally struck me that yes, we haven’t had rain in over a month now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the grass look like this since I moved here. Z just commented that weather like this makes it really obvious who has real grass, and who has fake grass… touche, sir. *chuckles*

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit warmer, but still cooler than it has been. Tomorrow is also the England match, eeep. I’m doing my best to not get my hopes up, but it’s all very exciting. One thing that I love about the British psyche is that most people are secretly optimists underneath. Maybe it’s a bit like wearing one’s heart on their sleeve, in how easily we put ourselves out there for disappointment. Or maybe it’s because we fully expect to be vindicated for putting ourselves out to be disappointed? Whatever the case, it’s a sentiment that I’m can do pretty well with.

As for last night, I got all the bracelets listed! I need to think about getting the earrings sorted out and photographed, but I’m not going push myself super hard to do it either. I don’t have a complete idea how I want to do the listings. I have a good amount of cash in the pot to make listings compliments of Lexi buying herself some birthday pretties, but I figure that I should find the right balance between combining like items into one listing, but to where it obscures that there are options… so maybe just colour variations? Maybe ideas will come to me once I start sorting through them box.

For now, footbaaaaall.


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