Ugh, Finally

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After too much long a ridicul-time, I finally have the remainder of my order that went missing/never made it to me/never shipped? I messaged the seller to confirm receipt, and told him that I hope we’d not have to talk to each other again in a long time (but that as it stood, I still intended to purchase from them). Honestly, I probably gave waaaaaaaaay too much benefit of the doubt and leeway, but in the end I got what I bought, so. My only grr is that they’re the same weird/different colouration that I got from the other shop, which would suggest an issue at the supply end. Sigh? Sigh. I don’t like the shades as much, but never mind. At least I won’t have to buy any more of these for ages.

My brain keeps trying to insist that this is Friday for some reason… no brain, that’s tomorrow. I figure it’s gonna be a mainly good day. Smalls has been super-helpful this week. I’ve hit the turnaround point in work stuff, so tomorrow is gonna feel productive probably. The main thing I need to get a fix on in the daily productivity train is my daily private blogging. My normal time window for that is morning, and even with the kids being totally awesome, it’s taking me longer to get into some sort of shape to where I can manage some function. Like, after I finish this, I have to go back to that. Wish me luck that it’s over quickly so I can get back to my knitting? ;D


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