Stop! Thief!

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The last couple of times I’ve gone to my in-law’s house, I’ve nicked a couple of oranges off of the table. I do this because I wanted some oranges to eat, and because my in-laws genuinely don’t care if I snaffle some of their fruit supplies. So Z, being a sensible sort, suggested that we actually buy some. Alas, I think the purloined ones taste better, ha ha. But I’m still glad to have some around.

I realised earlier that I am going to miss the girls when they go back to school. Like, not super loads ’cause it’ll be amazing to have my space back, but as I said to Smalls — I’ve gotten used to having them around. I’m sure that by the weekend I will be annoying-level chipper to have them around the house. They’ll be exhausted from back to school, I’ll be refreshed, and it’ll clash in an amusing (to me) fashion. <__<

Anyways, kids are in bed, so time to zone out.


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