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We are now in that space where it’s less than 48 hours until we leave for vacation. Like, this time Saturday, we will be at the hotel so we can catch the ferry the following morning. Everyone else is like, nearly packed, but me? Naaaaaah.

Okay so like, we moved a lot growing up. A *LOT*. I think I clocked it at a dozen+ times a few posts ago? Packing becomes a bit blase in the face of that. And then you add my ‘addiction’ to conventions. The game I met my husband in, Kingdom of Loathing, has frequent get-togethers around the world. I attended my first one after only playing the game for something like three months, and my second within a month or two of that. I’d also done Dragon*Con a few times. I was single, I had free money, and I had (and still have) a huge canvas rucksack I was issued in basic training that was about the same size as me when filled.

It was easy for me to cram stuff and go at the last minute, and I did. That included a time where I found out I could go to one of these things quite literally the day before. So having known about this trip for upwards of a year, the fact that we leave the day after tomorrow, and that I’ve not packed yet hasn’t phased me. I’ve got the most important thing ready, being my meds. I’ve got the chargers I need on my desk pile (as pictured). I started a list, and will probably not use it when I throw things in…

But of course…


I have to get that final-final load of laundry through. xD

I don’t know if it’s just me who does that, but like… I think we all have our basic wardrobe that we cycle through, and are loathe to have to leave a piece of it behind because it was ‘dirty’. So tomorrow afternoon/evening, I’ll be slobbing around just to make sure all the things I *MIGHT* want to take are clean and ready. Because yanno, can’t have enough choice when you’re on vacation. What if the Queen rolls up to your vacation home and wants to chill? Can’t be doing that in trackies, ha ha.

Anyways. Brain is pretty shut down for now, which is probably like, building up a shock buffer for doing ALL THE THINGS tomorrow and the following morning. So it goes!


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