Not My Cases, Buuut…

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They make the point. I meant to take a picture of my crap everywhere -except- in my case, but instead I got organised and got it all packed up quickly. Practice makes perfect, I guess? I still have other stuff to pack though. My knitting bag is mainly there, while my laptop bag lies flaccid except for my pills and spare power pack… not that I need to put too much more in there — mainly toiletries.

Really though, even though we spent a good chunk of this morning doing last minute chores, and have been in slow progress all day, I’m just not even really processing that tomorrow it will be a thing. I just, occasionally, remember to put something else in a bag, like books. Really, I’m probably packing too much of ALL THE THINGS, ’cause that’s what I do.

But also, as I’d commented to Z on the way home earlier — I don’t even know what I would do with myself with a holiday longer than the week~ we’re taking. This was on the back of him commenting that our holiday technically counted as a short break. Really, what do people do for two weeks of holiday?! As much as we’re basically going to go and lounge and hang out and do a few things here and there, I would be hella ready for home long before we left. Of course, I’m saying that without *really* knowing if that’s true, but at this juncture it looks ghastly. Maybe after this trip I will feel differently?

For now, I am going to zone out and knit and play Civ V, because that sounds like a good thing to do. Maybe I’ll eat all the ice cream too, because that also sounds excellent. #hedonism



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