All in One

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I am in a hotel room with three other people. Two of them are young and the only reason they aren’t bouncing off the walls right now is because we crammed them full of food. I’ll take it, honestly! The drive here went well, outside of Littlerbit puking twice. Apparently, she’s inherited all of mine and Z’s genes for car sickness, which skipped past Smallhausen, so… poor mite. It seems that food + toddler + moving car = yeaah…. bathtime. She’s in good spirits in spite of it, and ate well at dinner.

What else, what else… yeah so, otherwise the drive was fine. I was a bit snappish once we got settled into the hotel room ’cause they were jumping all over and excited and like, I’m tired and wanted to be left alone for a bit. The kiddos are usually pretty good at giving me space when I’m growly, and Smallhausen makes sure to confirm with me that they are passing muster. I love that she’s confident enough in our relationship to ask that, and I do my best to validate her and thank her for giving me respect and love.

Speaking of Smalls, she keeps reminding me I said that we’d have a bath together. Which means I probably should finish my coffee and do that. Yes, coffee this late, and this hot; there is no clearer sign that I am feeling brainpunched by the day, ha ha.

Now, fingers crossed for tomorrow that Littler doesn’t lose her breakfast on the ferry, and well… will report back in tomorrow night.


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