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I made myself buckle down and get it done, so now all the stitch markers are pricetagged and business cardeded. I ended up redoing one of my first stitch marker efforts because it wasn’t up to snuff, and tweaked the prices down on a few things. Most of it was rounding things down from x.25 to x.00 for general ease… Read more »

Not My Cases, Buuut…

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They make the point. I meant to take a picture of my crap everywhere -except- in my case, but instead I got organised and got it all packed up quickly. Practice makes perfect, I guess? I still have other stuff to pack though. My knitting bag is mainly there, while my laptop bag lies flaccid except for my pills and… Read more »


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We are now in that space where it’s less than 48 hours until we leave for vacation. Like, this time Saturday, we will be at the hotel so we can catch the ferry the following morning. Everyone else is like, nearly packed, but me? Naaaaaah. Okay so like, we moved a lot growing up. A *LOT*. I think I clocked… Read more »