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Frogging It

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I’ve decided, after much annoyance with the last three rows, to frog the shawl back to the beginning. I feel no annoyance with this; if anything, I can take what I have learned so far and apply it to doing it better this time around. And sometimes, restarting a project from the beginning is quite cathartic, I feel. We’ll see… Read more »

Twinkly Toes

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I have done what I wanted to do today, which was ignore everything and play more Stardew Valley. Well. And taking muuuuuuch longer than was reasonable, I got the wool pictured from skein to cake, and casted on for a gauge square. I’m probably not going to be super-knitty on them once the wool comes in for the snoods, but… Read more »

I Have to Give the Bag Back

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One of our newer Stitch ‘n Bitch members, K, was getting rid of some of her wool today. Apparently, this required a Royal Mail bag full, and then a bit more. I made some weak-ass excuses and shoved it into my car. What’s more, everyone who was there when the wool was still in the pub seemed to keep mum… Read more »

Ha Ha, Whups!

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I meant to write this before I went out, but I forgot. Oh well. Today was our first day back at work-ish. I was home with the kids, as I tend to be. Smallhausen wanted to get her nails painted, and to go out for walks, and all sorts of things. We ended up doing none of the above because… Read more »

Alternate Wednesday Means…

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Stitch ‘n Bitch!  Yay! Knitting! But like, at a pub that’s also a Pokéstop. Ticking all the boxes? Awwww yiss. I’m definitely feeling the ‘need’ for it right now. I woke up feeling crap, crap enough that the kids kept away from me. Like, I didn’t think I was *that* bad, but it was obviously obvious enough that wisdom prevailed… Read more »