I Have to Give the Bag Back

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img_20161005_222939476One of our newer Stitch ‘n Bitch members, K, was getting rid of some of her wool today. Apparently, this required a Royal Mail bag full, and then a bit more. I made some weak-ass excuses and shoved it into my car. What’s more, everyone who was there when the wool was still in the pub seemed to keep mum about me running off with it. Well. I did say that I was going to categorise it and let people pick after I had first pick, which I probably will do… but right now I just want to hiss and keep it all to myself.

img_20161005_222931564Really though, it’s a loooot of wool. I joked to E that I feared I had died and gone to heaven, because really — who brings in a crammed full Royal Mail bag of wool to give away that isn’t crap? And it isn’t crap — it’s actually pretty freaking nice quality from what little I pawed through. I just showed Z some of what is at the top and he was impressed as well. Really though, as much as I love buying wool, I also love not having to buy wool. Even if I do parcel some of this out to other people, this will probably keep me in knitting for a long time. I will have to find somewhere else to keep it though, as I need to return the Royal Mail bag as soon as possible!

After two nights in the guest bed, I get to return to my own tonight. Bliss. Hopefully. Z bought new pillowcases, sheets, and a new duvet cover too as we really are short on such things. He also bought something called pillow protectors, which appear to be a padded inner pillowcase for the pillows of choice. I guess those will be the top of the pile ones, ha ha.

Really though, the sleeping should be better after that slight sojourn elsewhere. When I was in high school, I spent about half the year sleeping on my couch, and half the year sleeping on my bed. My back was generally happy for the change of pace, which made for better sleep. So I can hope that two nights in Pillowed Hollow (soft mattress that sags) will make my firmer bed feel nicer. I guess I will find out in a few minutes, as I am rather late to bed.


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