Frogging It

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I’ve decided, after much annoyance with the last three rows, to frog the shawl back to the beginning. I feel no annoyance with this; if anything, I can take what I have learned so far and apply it to doing it better this time around. And sometimes, restarting a project from the beginning is quite cathartic, I feel. We’ll see how it goes. In the interim, I have the hat to work on, and blanket squares, and future socks to plan.

T’was a good night out at knitting. E and I ended up sitting clear opposite ends of the pub in the end. When we got there, there were people sitting at half our table and ignoring the glares of ‘get the fuck up and move kthnkx’ until we’d filled in the entire room around them. The second they vacated, I dashed for that bit of table so I would actually *have* a bit of table to work off of. E remained where we’d originally parked our butts, which was fine. We shot a few messages to each other, and I stopped to chat whenever I felt like getting up, so we both had fun. And anyways, it’s not like I’m her mother or own her or anything, so. We also had a good chat on the way home (and the way there), ’cause yanno, frond power or something. *chuckles* We have a good and open relationship with each other, and I think that we both value it all the more for knowing that we resisted our spouses trying to nudge us towards each other (tl;dr ‘she reads the wrong kind of books’ being something we both stated <__<).

Anyways, it is tres late and I am tired, so that’s enough for now.


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