Starting Over

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I sat down and frogged the shawl this afternoon. I’ve now restarted, and I am much happier for it. I am also making myself not count the stitches obsessively every row right now, because that’s probably just going to work out better than me yelping at every single potential error. No, instead I’m going to take it slowly and patiently, and hopefully all will come out decently.

Death by Cuteness

I’ve been rocking a nasty headache all day. Have I taken anything for it? Lulz, no, I did that yesterday, can’t do it again today. So instead I’ve been drinking ludicrous amounts of water to try and flush it clean. The fact it’s going down without me feeling like I’m drowning means I’m probably really dehydrated and need it, but still. How much hydration does one freaking body need?! I drink more in a day than most people, both water and other beverages, so like. *waves hands* This shouldn’t be an issue. But then, maybe that’s just another one of those charming ‘quirks’ disability gives me. ¬¬

But eh, I continue to do my best to be as positive about things as possible. Yes, I might feel like crap 99.9% of the time, but I’ve got things I can do that I love to do, so I’m going to get back to those.


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