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To my vast bemusement, things have been a lot less scary in the knitting now that I’ve gotten to the charted part. After a quick glance to make sure I was working it correctly (this pattern comes with the written version of the chart as well), it’s been smooth sailing. Smoother sailing than I expected, but then — most of the row is a repeated 10 stitch section, which is easy to work once or twice, put down, then pick up again later. And because of that, I’m moving along a bit faster than I thought I would. I don’t know if this gives me confidence enough to want to work it when I’m out at knitting tomorrow, but we’ll see. If not, I’ve got the hat and the blanket squares on the go.

Work: Work got did today. I was happy with my efforts.

Childling: Made it through another day without catching on fire or perishing. I’ll call that successful.

Gamedord: Final Fantasy III is good fun.



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