Going Old School (Sort Of)

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I decided that I should boot up the remake of Final Fantasy III, as I had recently purchased it. I figured that it would be a fairly friendly game to play alongside my knitting, as it’s turn based.

And speaking of the knitting… I’m almost through the easy part. Sigh. I still lack a lot of confidence in doing lace knitting, and in how to fix mistakes. But that’s okay, it’s okay. I’m learning. I’m allowing myself to make mistakes. I don’t think I could have actually been a knitter before managing to get over my raging perfectionism. But that doesn’t make it completely lacking in frustration either — having to stare at every single loop as it’s being processed feels like a step back. But never mind. It’s still an enjoyable project, even including the challenges it brings.

Beyond that… eh. I feel ick ’cause my guts have been playing up the last 24 hours or so. I think it’s under control, but it’s not been fun. But also on the body front, my new epilator showed up, so I’m not de-furred to my preferred level of hairlessness. When I’m feeling not-so-human because of fugue and fog and ick, it’s nice when I can finally do a bit of self-care that makes me feel that bit more person-shaped.

Anyways, I’m on the last row before the fancy part, so I’m going to go get that done and see if I can bravely move onward. Wish me luck!


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