Party Animal

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I know I know I know, I’m terrible, off to Xanth, etc. It’s the last day we have the bear though, so hopefully that will spell the end to animal-based attempts at humour. I think that we managed to do a pretty good job of giving the bear a proper weekend here at our house doing what we do, so hopefully it is well received by her teachers and classmates. Z helped her organise her narrative into something short and to the point, as she has a tendency to ramble at length these days if not reeled in.

I commented to E earlier that next time I want to do lace, please hit me in the face. I continue to make progress slowly but surely, and with obsessive counting and recounting. I guess that I don’t trust myself to get it right without doing that. Still, I am going to keep doing my best to move forward, and to take the lumps with… sugar? Gravy? Something.

Anyhoos, I shall get back to my knitting penance, ha ha.


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