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Earlier today, my back started playing up and making me cranky. I was lamenting that I was without a heating pad, as our existing one got pissed on by one of the cats, and I wasn’t getting anywhere near that. So I figured I’d look on Amazon to see what was available. The tl;dr is hooray for Amazon same-day delivery, ’cause we ordered this earlier, and now it’s on my back. Bliss.

Of course, I earned my pain the usual way — knitting. I finished the tiny scarf for the bear, and slapped some of the tiny hats I’d knitted for charity on as mittens. And then, and then — I got stuck into the lace knitting. It took me a few attempts to get the first few rows right, but I’ve got in my head how to make sure I don’t mess up the edging pattern during this first phase of it.

Of course, this is the easy part. I’ve still got to get to and through two charts. I’m slightly intimidated by charts, but I am also confident that it’s going to be fine once I get into it. There’s also a written out section that gives the same information as the charts, so I’m thinking between those two it should hold my hands well enough to help me develop confidence.

*wiggles back against heating pad and sighs happily*

I’m going to go back to knitting now. Ta ra!


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