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Yes yes, I know, I deserve a pun-ishment. *rimshot* My general response to bad puns is to banish people to Xanth, because fitting. But it doesn’t change that Smallhausen has the class bear this weekend, and I was taken with an urge to knit a scarf for it. I’m taking pictures pretending that the bear is doing the knitting, so hopefully that will be a nice contribution to her journalling. I’m extra glad that I’ve started doing a little bit to help, because she is feeling rather poorly. She’s already tucked up in bed asleep, and her sister isn’t far behind her (though Littler is downstairs with us for the moment).

I commented shortly after Smalls was home from school that, oh haaay everyone, we’ve survived another week, join me in a weak cheer *rimshot*. It’s not been a particularly bad week, but it’s been a busy one. At least I made it through in good humour, and with getting my work goals met. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to because we were waiting on something, but it came in and I got it done. Yay. It means I will probably be sitting on my hands drumming my fingers next week, but maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will be able to take a moment to show me how to do something to help out.

Beyond that… I keep sighing at myself, because I have been feeling the pull of fandom again. I seriously don’t know why, and I don’t really want to join up again, but there’s also a little voice in my head that is daring me. Guh brain, not impressed. It’s been something like seven years since I closed that door, and really, I know better. But I guess that’s just because I feel a bit adrift, without an internet home to call my home. The feeling will pass before too much longer, but it’s been nibbling hard this week.


Right, back to bear scarf.


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