A Lovely Evening

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It could have been a drama-filled one, but instead it was nice. Someone was being especially dramatic about everything, but as they fecked off to another part of the pub altogether, it didn’t bother me none. It did bother some of the other members, who were only just having to raise that said person was a bit of a fussy queen. Whatever. I didn’t let it ruin my night, though I did get told off gently for being a bit mean about it. Fair enough, I *was* being a bit of a cow myself, even if I felt it justified.

I had hoped to work on some lace knitting while I was there… as you might guess, I didn’t get very far with that. I kept messing up on the fourth row and I’m not sure how I am. I know how many stitches it’s supposed to end up, I’m 99% sure I counted it out… and yet, I kept coming out a stitch short. Sigh. I cast off on a pussyhat for myself instead. I suspect that I will work them in tandem because oh hey, one is short, and one isn’t quite as short, but we shall see what comes of it. For now, it’s just nice to have a project done, and more on the needles.

And speaking of — I did love showing off my socks so, hee hee. They are comfortable and attractive and fit so well. I made T laugh ’cause I pointed out that they cost about £10.55 in materials, and who knows how much in labour. But that’s okay, because I had fun making them, and I have pride in my work. I’ve not decided what I’m doing for my next pair, but I’ll figure that out later. It’s not like I need to know now when I already have projects to hand.

Right, off to bed with me before I turn into a pumpkin. Shlumpkin.


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