Natty Braid

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Every night when I go to bed, I put my hair back in a braid. It helps me keep my hair out of my way when I sleep. I used to push pull it back in a ponytail, but it was putting really uncomfortably pressure on the back of my head for some reason. I normally take it out in the morning and brush it out, but sometimes I forget between kids and brain fog and general fatigue. Today was one of those days. And now the kids are in bed and whups, it’s already done, so it’s not like I’m going to undo it to redo it.

Really though, just sort of a foggin’ it day. I got the basic things done that needed doing, which included work in spite of the internet being really, *really* intermittent. They’re almost done working on the new cable cabinet installation though, so I’ll take it on the chin — it all means faster internets sooner. I don’t know *how* soon, but man. We are counting the days.

Right, I should probably buckle down and knit. I’m on the last couple of rows of the sock, so finishing it means I can wear them and show them off tomorrow. 😀


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