Foggy Day Friends

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I woke up this morning feeling sort of human, but definitely with pea soup fogbrain. I managed to chuck enough caffeine at it to clear it up by afternoon, but that had a headache to follow it. Which meant pills, and more caffeine, ’cause I wanted to be in semi-decent form. Why? I was having a friend to visit for the first time ever. We’ve known each other like, 8 years, and have lived in adjoining towns for all that time… but both failed (though mainly me) to get past the ‘yes, that should happen’ phase. And it was a really good visit; I felt all buzzy happy afterwards. I honestly had no idea what I was expecting — you can’t really pre-guess these things, yanno? But for now, I believe we are both very firmly in the camp of ‘yes, this must happen again, and relatively soon’. Yay!

Past that, it was a pleasantly generic day, albeit one with pancakes. While the States has Mardi Gras, the UK has Pancake Day. The idea is similar — getting out all the ‘bad’ before Lent, but with less beads and tits, and more assorted toppings. I went with the classic lemon and sugar x2, which is classic for a reason. It was a good top-off to the aforementioned visit, and the general childcare and work that makes up my average doings. Littlerbit curled up and did her thing, and I managed to make good headway on my eternal catching up with myself. I’ll have to put it aside for the rest of the week for year ends, but ah well. I’d rather be busy than not.

Anyhoos, the girls are in bed, and Z has a meeting, so it’s just me and the cats here downstairs. It’s delightfully peaceful, so I’m going to get back to my knitting. Sock #2 is nearing completion, so much excitement.


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